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Shabbat Chatan and Shabbat Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The celebration of Shabbat Catan is a family event combined with a vacation in a hotel offering a warm atmosphere and high-class hospitality.

Hotel Tzuba is the ideal place for family events, Shabbat Chatan and Shabbat Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations in a quiet and pastoral environment, combining an indulging vacation a great view and access to many attractions.

Perfect conditions for the religious community.

Tzuba hotel is exactly suited for you family Simcha. The Hotel suites can host big families, A private hall will be arranged for a private synagogue according to your tradition and community needs. The Hotel offers quality meals with “Hipuch” and a possibility for Oneg-Shabbat after the meal. The Hotel lobby and kibbutz gardens and play grounds are the perfect arena for family meetings and togetherness creating an unforgettable family experience.

The Meals

  • Friday night dinner
  • Coffee and cake on Shabbat morning
  • Kiddush after prayers
  • Shabbat Meal
  • Se’uda Shlishit – Parve or dairy

In the Synagogue

  • Sidurim for all Nusachim (traditions)
  • Humashim
  • 2 Tora scrolls
  • Divisions
  • Talitot and Kipot


  • Kosher – Rabbanut Matehh Yehuda
  • Halak meat
  • Mehadrin poultry
  • Vegetables – Gush Katif
  • Mashgiach adjacent
  • Raw materials – Mehadrin Badatz
  • Possibilty to upgrade with additional fee the poultry and meat to Mahfud, Beit Yosef, Rubin

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