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Walk Through vineyards to the remains of the Biblical town (Bamat Haselah)

סיורים מודרכים בצובה - טיול בין הכרמים אל שרידי העיר המקראית (במת הסלע)

A walk through the vineyards and apple orchards to the “Bamat Haselaharea. There we will see caves, a Mikveh – ritual pool, a spectacular lookout from the ancient quarry, and other remains, all reliving in our mind the life of Biblical Tzuba.

The tour is 1.5-2 hours long | 2 Km | suitable for families with children | A hat, water and comfortable shoes are required

Minimum 5 pax for a tour

For reservations call: +972-2-5347000

Guided tours and trails:

ההר היפה
Guided tours and trails

Belmont – the beautiful hill – Nature, view and heritage surrounding Tzuba

Walking up Tzuba Hill to the remains of the Crusader fortress Belmont and the village Suba built on its ruins. Continuing to the ancient Olive and Oak trees aged about 700 years old. Walking through apple orchards and blossoming Almonds (in season) to Ein Tzuba spring. After dipping your feet in the little pool return to the hotel through the orchard trail.

טיולים אינטראקטיביים עצמאיים
Guided tours and trails

Interactive independent Quiz-tour

A game trip among the historical sites of Tzuba. The trip is accompanied by instructions and explanations on a cell phone.
A barcode is scanned that leads the participants to the next station on the route, at each station another barcode opens – a written and recorded explanation, tasks, riddles and songs. Fun trip!

טיול עששיות (פנסים)
Guided tours and trails

Lantern night walk

The tour is 1.5 hours long | 1.5 Km | suitable for families with children | Water and comfortable shoes are required
Leaving the hotel at dusk towards Tzuba Hill with lit flashlights. On the way meeting nature in its glory – a variety of plants, with secrets of folk medicine, lookout to the mountain view. Stories of ancient Tzova and the conquest by the Palmach. The tour ends at the two ancient trees hundreds of years old.

הקיבוץ – עבר הווה עתיד
Guided tours and trails

Kibbutz Tzuba – a quest to the past

The tour is 1.5 hours long | 1 Km | suitable for families with children school age and up | suitable for strollers
Discovering the magic of the Cooperative Kibbutz, and getting a glimpse to the live in this special and nostalgic community. The Kibbutz movement is going through may changes, many of the Kibbutzim have privatized. Kibbutz Tzuba is a sanctuary in the Kibbutz scene. You will find out how Ideology became a way of life.

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