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Od yishama be’arei Yehudah u’vechutzot Yerushalayim
Kol sason vekol simchah, kol chatan vekol kalah.

It will yet be heard in the cities of Judea and the parts of Jerusalem. Sound of joy and sound of gladness, voice of groom and bride


If you are looking for a different place for your wedding in a natural vista and mountain air, allow us dear couples, to offer the perfect solution for a different and unforgettable event in Tzuba Tourism.

The spectacular road leading to the Kibbutz goes through vineyards and orchards and overlooks the Crusader fortress, so as your guests approach the wedding they will already absorb the pastoral environment.

The event is comfortably accessed with clear signs and a large parking area.

We invite you to celebrate your Simcha – wedding in a majestic setting. In a perfect pastoral atmosphere in one of the magical and desirable corners in the Jerusalem area.  The wedding is meticulously produced and timed and your guests will enjoy the service of an experienced and professional team for any request or need.

Tzuba has three banquet areas:

The central place is Tzuba Hotel. The wedding takes place in the elegant and equipped Hotel Lobby and Balcony overlooking the exquisite  view.

The Hall is suitable for events up to 200 guests

Another area is The ‘Tzrif’ Hall Located in the open space of the center of Kibbutz Tzuba in walking distance from the Hotel. The Tzrif Hall creates a unique experience and is surrounded with lawns, beautiful trees and a fish pond – an attraction for kids and adults.

The Hall is suitable for events up to 180 guests

The third area is Tzuba Winery Balcony. A wonderful place for intimate, elegant family events. Enhanced by the powerful view of the Kibbutz vineyards, largest in the Judean Hills. The Happy couple will enjoy a unique wedding by the Fig tree and above ancient terraces, with the aroma of French Oak barrels filled with the new wines of our Estate Winery. A perfect and unforgettable event.

The winery is suitable for events of 70-250 people,  depending on the season.


The Menu

Part of our efforts to create a top-quality event, our chefs of Tzuba Hotel offer fine foods and menus. The menu is rich and festive, meat or dairy, in a variety of styles and cuisines suitable to your needs and budget. Our Chef-confectioner, creates a sweet and tasty ending for the meal.

We will be delighted to be part of your simcha and promise to do everything to fulfil any dream and idea on your exciting wedding day.

A Wedding in Tzuba is a guarantied success and unforgettable experience.

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