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Meals for Groups

Hotel Tzuba offers a range of menus for groups: Meals for conferences. meals for groups passing through, meals for events and banquets and for Fun-days in Tzuba tourism.

The meals are served in the hotel restaurant overlooking the beautiful view and mountain air.

The famous Friday Brunch of the Hotel is served weekly in a rich and varied buffet at the hotel lobby and pastoral terrace.

The Buffet includes wine tastings of the quality wines of TZUBA WINERY, fresh Balkan pastries, home quiches hot dishes a selection of farm cheeses a rich salad bar coffee corner, desserts and more.

We recommend to combine a tour of the Kibbutz

Discovering the magic of the Cooperative Kibbutz, and getting a glimpse to the live in this special and nostalgic community. The Kibbutz movement is going through may changes, many of the Kibbutzim have privatized. Kibbutz Tzuba is a sanctuary in the Kibbutz scene. You will find out how Ideology became a way of life.

The tour passes historic signs and a small museum with artifacts from the first days enter the dining room, laundry, children houses, and includes and explanation about the agriculture, industry and other businesses. The tour is flavored with anecdotes and stories from past and today.

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